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Our Capital 958FM Radio Interview
(3 Oct 2019)

[958FM 早点正能量] – “小六生妈妈认为数学题目太难,连成人都不会。你怎么看?”

The NickleBee Tutors Team was invited by Capital 958FM Radio on 3 Oct 2019 to talk about the challenging 2019 PSLE Math questions and the impact it has on parents and students. Interview starts at the 2 hour mark!

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Our Straits Times Interview
(6 Nov 2023)

[Straits Times] – “Gifted Education Programme offers deeper learning, but kids can still excel outside of it”

The Straits Times reporter, Jane Ng, interviewed our Founder and Math Educator, Mr Zhou for his thoughts and views on whether students can be trained to get into the GEP and how our Advanced Math Programmes help primary students from both the GEP and Mainstream.

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Our Channel 8 News Interview
(15 May 2021)

[8视界] –“加紧防疫补习中心改为线上教学”

The NickleBee Tutors team was interviewed by Mediacorp Channel 8 and 8视界新闻新加坡 (8world News) about our safe management measures, online lesson methodology and future plans in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Straits Times Interview
(4 Oct 2019)

[Straits Times] – “Parents upset over PSLE 2019 Maths paper: Experts say tough questions assess range of skill”

The Straits Times reporter, Amelia Teng, interviewed Mr Zhou from NickleBee Tutors about the challenging 2019 PSLE Math questions. Mr Zhou shared his thoughts about how parents and students should tackle PSLE exams and why Math seems to be a recurring subject of contention for students.

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