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Mr Zhou

The PSLE Math & Primary Math Programmes are led by Mr Zhou, an Alumnus of Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and National University of Singapore. He is also a multi-award winning Math Olympiad Gold Medallist (Ranked 23rd in Singapore), High Distinction holder in the Australian Math Competition, and Distinction holder in the American High School Math Competition.

He is a popular Math Olympiad Trainer & DSA Coach at top Primary Schools and also a member of the Association of Mathematics Educators (NIE), with many years of experience in guiding GEP and High Ability students towards excellence in PSLE Math & Olympiad Math.

Mr Zhou has also been Featured Multiple Times in the Media and has received overwhelmingly 5-star Positive Reviews and Testimonials from Parents & Students.

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of our Primary 6 2023 cohort scored Distinctions (AL1 – AL4; A*/A) for their PSLE Math Exams (more than twice the national average)!

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of our Advanced Math students qualified for the following TOP 4 IP Schools : Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls’ School and Nanyang Girls’ High School based on their 2023 PSLE results!

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of our Math Olympiad students have achieved Gold & Silver awards or better in the NMOS, SMOPS and SASMO.

Why do our students have the edge?

NickleBee Math™ which uses the C3PO™ Problem Solving Framework (developed in-house by Mr Zhou) to help guide our student’s reasoning and analytical thought process, hence ensuring a solid foundation of ALL 11 Heuristics tools and 18 Problem Solving Concepts, as required to ace the PSLE Math Exam.


We teach the usage of our proprietary UNITARY™ Method (Version 2.0), to give our students the confidence and speed to solve ALL Challenging PSLE Math Problem Sums efficiently and accurately. Comparatively, students find the old model drawing method too cumbersome and tedious to use for tough questions


We use our in-house NickleBee Math™ materials, to help your child master Problem Solving Skills & Heuristics and excel in their math exams!


Our Small Group Math Tuition students are provided Dynamic & Individualized tutoring, at their own pace, within a Small Group setting. As such, stronger students are not held back, and weaker students are given time to learn.


Our Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass is open to students, who wish to undertake the study of PSLE Math at a higher level and sharpen their ability to solve challenging & non-routine ‘Olympiad-style’ math questions, that have been appearing with increasing frequency. In addition to the core P5 & P6 PSLE Math MOE curriculum, our Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass students also learn introductory ‘Math Olympiad & GEP’ higher order thinking skills, creative problem-solving techniques, and advanced heuristic tools to ace the PSLE Math Exam.