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We provide effective Math Tuition at our Bishan, Bukit Timah and Sengkang locations, to help your child ace their Math Exams.

Mr Zhou

Mr Zhou has been passionate about Math since young and hopes to inspire his students to enjoy and excel in Math too.

A Gifted Education Programme alumnus from Rosyth and Raffles Institution, he has taken part in numerous Local & International Math Competitions. Winning, amongst other achievements, the Singapore Mathematical Society Math Olympiad Gold Medal (Ranked 23rd in Singapore), High Distinction in the Australian Math Competition, and Distinction in the American High School Math Competition.

Mr Zhou did his Bachelor of Dental Surgery for 4 years at National University of Singapore, but due to an eye injury, he is no longer practicing. He then completed a BSc (Hons) degree from University of London International Programmes (Lead College: London School of Economics) and is pursuing a Master’s in Education.

He is a popular Math Olympiad Trainer & DSA Coach at top Primary Schools and also a member of the Association of Mathematics Educators (NIE), with many years of experience in guiding GEP and High Ability students towards excellence in PSLE Math & Olympiad Math.

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Ms Chen

Ms Chen is a dedicated teacher, who believes that learning has no limits.

A Victoria Junior College Alumnus with straight ‘A’s for her A-Levels, she completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree at Nanyang Technological University where she graduated with 1st class honours.

She also completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Merit) at the National Institute of Education with a Distinction in her practicum, following which she was a MOE lecturer at Meridian Junior College for 8 years.

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Mr Tan

Mr Tan is a patient coach who believes every student can excel.

A Meridian Junior College Alumnus with straight ‘A’s for his A-Levels, he completed his Bachelor of Science (Hons) Double Major degree in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science at National University of Singapore, where he graduated with 1st class honours.

He has 7 Years’ Experience in teaching math to Secondary and Junior College Students.

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