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NickleBee Primary Math Problem Solving & Heuristics Worksheets

The NickleBee Math Problem Solving and Heuristics Worksheets by Mr Zhou is the cumulation of years of feedback and experience in helping students EXCEL in PSLE Math!

It is designed specifically for Primary 4, 5 and 6 students, looking for a comprehensive resource that will provide the requisite practice and challenge, to score AL1 for PSLE Math!

Altogether they contain hundreds of examples and practice questions, teaching our C3PO™ Math Problem Solving Framework (including ALL 11 Heuristics tools and 18 Problem Solving Concepts) and training our students on the appropriate usage of our proprietary UNITARY™ Method (Version 2.0)!

The worksheets help to reinforce math concepts and heuristic knowledge, providing guidance to the student’s thought process in an engaging and non-didactic way. This allows the students to internalize the problem-solving conceptual knowledge and procedural strategies required in a meaningful manner, helping them increase their confidence and competence in PSLE math problem-solving.

Each worksheet also contains a selection of challenging questions, for the students to sharpen their ability to solve challenging & non-routine ‘math-competition’ type questions of various contexts. This prepares students well for the PSLE, which in recent years, have been featuring ‘Olympiad-style’ math questions more frequently.

The 2024 edition has been revised based on the latest exam trends that we have analysed from dozens of school exam papers and the recent challenging 2021 PSLE and 2019 PSLE exams! More specifically, the worksheets have been updated to focus on advanced critical thinking skills, spatial / tabular analysis, and appropriate application of heuristics to unfamiliar questions.

As testament to the efficacy of our materials and worksheets, 96% of our P6 2023 cohort scored Distinctions (AL1 – AL4; A*/A) for their PSLE Math Exams (more than twice the national average).

NickleBee Olympiad Math & Competition Math Worksheets

Based on Mr Zhou’s experience conducting Math Olympiad courses in local top schools, he and his team has designed a set of resources for Primary pupils preparing for local and international math competitions including the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS), Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) and Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO).

With our proprietary materials and worksheets, we equip our students with critical thinking skills, advanced problem solving techniques and in-depth understanding of Olympiad math topics in order to prepare them for the rigours of competitive mathematics and maximize their results.

The curriculum and worksheets are constantly revised to keep up with the latest competition trends, which include new concepts, question styles and problem-solving strategies. Whether for the purpose of competition or enrichment, our comprehensive and engaging training materials increases competence and confidence in ‘Olympiad-math’ problem-solving.

As testament to the efficacy of our materials and worksheets, 75% of our Math Olympiad Small Group Tuition students have achieved Gold & Silver awards or better in the NMOS, SMOPS and SASMO.